Starting again

Well as expected I have fallen off the wagon. I am trying to start up again. Walked 2 days in a row now and while I am in the south I am at least aware of all the bad food I'm eating and trying to eat less. So is the beginning again.

Long time without saying anything

So the holidays hit with a vengeance. Wonderful time with family and friends. I have started a new plan using the Nike+ fuel band. I have consistently hit my goal every day since starting. I have also lost about a pound a day. We will see how it goes over the coming weeks.

Early am hike at diamond head

Well I decided to take a small walk up to the top of diamond head in HI. Great view. Step climb and way to many people. But a good morning. 1.3 miles with 309 feet elevation change.


Well now for the real trick,eating good in paradise. It will be tough. I'll have to split everything!

Conference food

Well I'm at another work Confrence and the food here is fairly good. That is in was prepared well however the process of me choosing what sauces go with what foods and what item go on what salad has been a struggle. Plus for some reason there is the belief in the catering industry that everyone likes lemon in their water or ice tea. I hate both. I struggle to pick "good" foods and often there is not a lot of choice. It is a bit of a geek-fest so the food and drinks are high caffeine and bread for the most part. Oh well, small portions and water from a bottle is the choice I should make.

About to take to the air

I am very nervous about my family this upcoming week. I have to travel and that is not cool. I can do little but hope and pray for their safety while I'm away.


Today was sushi day. Love sushi but I hate the after sushi slow down. I eat way to much rice. I tried to tone the rice consumption down a bit today. Good friends and sushi does make for a great lunch.